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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019
Click for full details

Click for details of the June Aeromodeller article about the Ferry 500


21st July
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these from the Aeromodeller/Model Aircraft designs scale competition at the 2019 Free Flight Nationals.

19th July
Area Comp on 21st. East Anglian Gala Sculthorpe on 27th/28th. Details in Meetings/Events on the left.

Latest Aeromodeller is now out. Andrew Boddington has given an excellent plug for Flying Aces.
In the Freeflight Nationals reports it is good to see PMFC members appearing in various places.

In the reports Gary Catterick was given a mention with regard to photographs. Click for his album on Flickr. - Scroll down when you reach the page.

17th July
Picked this up from the BARCS Forum, not a great deal to do with model aircraft, although appreciation of down thrust is needed. Click the t/n for a video, would make a good start to Flying Aces at Ferry Meadows on Saturday, 31st August.



15th July
See Meetings/Events on the left for details of the Nuneaton Model Aircraft Society control-line fly in at their field near Hinckley on September 8th from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Another enjoyable Old Warden meeting at the weekend, weather co-operated, no miniature whirlwinds this time......

13th July
Old Warden Scale Weekend today and tomorrow. Slight possibility of showers today but otherwise weather forecast is reasonable.

Bryans Bargain, see 12th June below, gets better, the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for Lindberghs "Spirit of St Louis" is now at £4 via The Works.

11th July
I read print magazines away from a screen and keyboard and often forget to try out web links that are suggested. In case others have the same problem here are the links from Mike Woodhouse in the the currrent edition of "BMFA NEWS".

Quality images from Lost Hills, where the Kiwi Cup, the Ike, and MaxMen contests were flown earlier this year.  ONE - - - - - TWO

Then an "intriguing" video concerning indoor duration from Cleveland International Film Festival. (There are a couple of non-Cleveland accents in the voice over.)

9th July
Chris continues to do a good job keeping a stream of cartoons flowing at Soo Modellers.
Click the t/n for a recent one I particularly liked.

Might not be very sunny but a sensible wind speed for this afternoons Bernie Nichols Trophy meeting at Ferry Meadows.

7th July
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these from the Bowden Trophy at the BMFA Free Flight Nationals.

5th July
Not something that will be seen in SAM35 type models (see 29th June and 1st July) is Graupner Vector Board. It has had a mention in Aeromodeller and is stocked by Steve Webb.

Click for a video showing comparisons between Vector Board and other foams.

3rd July
Click for the results of yesterdays club competitions at Ferry Meadows.

John Says "Brigginshaw sweeps the board in electric: Many other headline acts but the return of the Rod has changed the game in F500 and E20 Open. Excellent conditions, fourteen members present: one of the very best of or competitions. Several scores to be settled, decider in September."

1st July
Less windy, with sunshine all day at Buckminster on Saturday.
Click for some snaps, taken in the hanger, of some entries for the Eddie Riding Trophy and Open Free Flight Scale Events.

Just Monday, to recover from the SAM 35 weekend then the July club free flight event at Ferry Meadows. - See Meetings/Events on the left.

29th June
Bright sunshine at Buckminster yesterday.
Click for some snaps to give an idea of what was going on.

28th June
Something of a dull start for the Retro Fest at Buckminster, should brighten later but wind speeds likely to be in double figures.

Click for the "packed programme of activities".

26th June
Chris Ottewell in Aeromodeller mentioned Hummingbird Model Products, from Canada, as a source of printed WW1 German lozenge tissue.

When checking the web site this morning I discovered HMP is coming to the UK and setting up in Cambridge.

Click their logo for news of the move and then "Shop/Printed Tissue for Covering".
Lots of other good stuff as well.

24th June
Mick managed to spot 9 First Place Winners at the BMFA Free Flight Nationals and they are the photographs on the front page for the next two weeks.

Thanks to Bryan you can click for a copy of the scale results from the FF Nats.

22nd June
Another good article from Vintage Wings of Canada, this time:-
"The Sun or the Moon or the Stars - Celebrating 100 Years Since the First Non-Stop Transatlantic Flight", in particular a large and interesting group of photographs.

12th June
Bryan has an interest in Lindberghs "Spirit of St Louis", owning several books on the subject, so was pleased to get a half price bargain at "The Works" shop recently, where the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual of the aircraft contained construction photos of a replica with which it is planned to fly the Atlantic re-creating Lindbergh's 1927 flight departing May 20, 1920.

Click for the Spirit of St. Louis 2 web site.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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