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Each "new" message below is dated and will be removed after a month.

Flying Aces 2019
Saturday, 31st August 2019

Click for full details

13th April
No "Latest Updates" until after Easter.

Saturday evening, received the results of yesterdays club competition earlier today but have only just had a chance to put them on web site.
Click for the PMFC Free Flight Championship 2019.

John says:- "Despite the absence of several high-profile competitors, the 2019 series of events got off to a good start, despite the cold which made conditions uncomfortable for some. There was a flyoff in glider, and CT was won by a single second, so competition continues to be close. next round is on 7th May."

Saturday morning,
Nothing to do with aeromodelling and just a slight connection with full size flying but an odd coincidence.

Earlier this week I listened to a Radio4 Extra program "Open Book - John Steinbeck Special", this was because Steinbeck was one of the first adult authors I read when moving on from Biggles in my early teens and I occasionally go back to his novels. The next day I received one of the mailings from "Vintage Wings of Canada", this was headed "John Steinbeck, 609 Squadron and the Legend of Billy de Goat", lots of interesting information, more about the goat and 609 Squadron than Steinbeck but certainly added something to the radio program.

If you wish to hear the "John Steinbeck Special" e-mail me and I will send a .mp3 copy.

11th April
Thanks to Mick for choosing and dealing with the latest set of front page photographs.

The first round of the Club Free Flight championships begins at 3.30 pm on Friday at Ferry, finishing at 7pm (prompt.)

9th April
A link picked up from Chris at Soo Modellers in Canada.
"Inter-Ex is the world of those devoted to experimental modelling".

7th April
Click for some snaps of yesterdays SAM 35 Spring Fly-In at Buckminster.

6th April
Off to Buckminster later this morning for the 1st day of the SAM 35 Spring Fly-In. Windspeed in double figures for most of the day but no rain.

Hope to have some photos by this evening.

4th April
Very much an "April Showers" type sky yesterday, would have been exciting for full size gliders and reminded me I have had a link from http://www.radiocarbonart.com/ stored for some time. Click for the link to a video of the USA 15 meter National Championships.

2nd April
The Raynes Park MAC website, looked after by Alan Holmes, has a new host and can now be found at www.raynesparkmac.co.nf, where a link to the latest "Sticks and Tissue" compiled by James Parry is available.
Click for the archive of "Sticks and Tissue" which is stored in New Zealand.

31st March
Next Saturday, Sunday and Monday is the SAM 35 Spring Fly-In at Buckminster.

Lots of flying apart from Sunday morning when there is a Buckminster Swap-Meet.

I had not realised there was a Rushden Historical Transport Society but there is and they have a R/C weekend on 6th and 7th April. Click the t/n for a bigger version.

29th March
Thanks to Stan for the latest copy of "Slipstream".

Click the logo for a .pdf download.


27th March
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, these from the last two club meetings of the Winter Season at Peakirk.

22nd March
No "Latest Updates" until 26th March

20th March
Tom Tomlinson has his own web site with aeromodelling initially on:-
Clayton Green Indoor Flyers
but now on:-

Worth a look at both to see why there is a change and read the tribute to John O'Donnell.

18th March
In February I gave Easy Built Models from America a mention.

They have a "Wings of Yesteryear" section with photos and book covers. I was particularly taken with the mass launch by cap and bowler hatted wearing modellers from 1934. Click the picture for the whole page.


16th March
Juan Seren, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, sent me a link to this excellent video of a glow engine assembly. Click the t/n to view it.

Juan also has a "Blogspot" which is well worth a look.



14th March
The "spot landing" competition got a mention on 12th March, the prizes here have been various from a bottle of wine, books and modelling accessories. The last one was an excellent set of vintage wheels for a scale model.

The winner has a little background so click the wheels for more details.

Last Friday evening PMFC meeting of the year at Peakirk tomorrow. There is a change of subject, it is now "Bring a Model Night".

12th March
Pleased to discover that Chris Brainwood made a video of the indoor session at Bushfield on Saturday and has let us use the link. Click the t/n.

A good mixture of the flying is shown with excellent shots of the quality scale models. Well worth reading the notes at the bottom of the video for a description of the models.

The start of the video shows the "Spot Landing" competition (held at the end of the session). Open to anyone, their model has to fly for 25 secs or more and the closest landing to the prize, which is placed on the floor, wins. This and the "flight accuracy" competition are organised by Brian L. The "accuracy" competition, usually in the 40 seconds range has reached the stage that Brian is now asking for two decimal places on the stop watch.....

Plenty of varied sport flying as well as the competitions and serious trimming make for a most enjoyable session.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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